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Biocide Systems

Biocide Systems Auto Shocker CIO2 Car Odor Eliminator

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Auto Shocker™ is a revolutionary chlorine bomb for your car that uses chlorine dioxide vapor (ClO2) to break down volatile molecules and eliminate odors in your car for good. Unlike standard air fresheners, no masking agents are needed.

This chlorine dioxide car interior odor eliminator actively seeks out odor molecules in the tightest spaces of a vehicle’s interior, including floor mats, carpets, seat cushions, glove compartments, and visors. Vapors even reach into the air conditioning system to eliminate musty smells associated with mold and mildew.

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  • ClO2 permeates every surface to eliminate the worst of smells.
  • Auto Shocker™ works on compact cars, full-size vehicles, and SUVs.
  • Our chlorine dioxide car bomb cleans the air in the cabin and within the ventilation system.
  • It eliminates odors permanently in 2-24 hours, depending on severity.
  • This odor bomb works on up to 250 cubic feet of space, with no residue left behind.


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